Welcome to Bali Sourcing Services

Bali has been the right place for business doers to either look for new products or have their designs produced. The people's high sense of art, close to raw materials and the atmosphere allow people to work and enjoy their holiday in the same time.

Productions such as furniture, exotic woods, metal works, paintings, stone carving, wood carving, handicraft and many more are updated from time to time.

Many of the business doers who focus on marketing their products in their own countries prefer to have representative here in Bali.

Bali Buying agent or Bali Sourcing Services is the right thing they choose.

The domain Bali Sourcing is premium domain to offer your service overseas via the internet. This domain has high keywords / keyphrase density. It makes you easier (or much easier actually) to optimize your search engine optimization.

Since we are not in sourcing business anymore, we are keen to sell this premium domain name to any party that might be interested in.

Please send your offer to virtuabali@yahoo.com We will consider any offer above USD 1,500